We are a locally owned automotive & truck repair facility. We offer state of the art repair, and old fashion service our customers have come to expect. We employ only certified technicians. We are proud to be able to repair almost anything! We are always up to the challenge, when most shops 'can't' or 'won't', we will! We work on all makes and models of vehicles, both Gas and Diesel.


Proper maintenance is essential in keeping your vehicle on the road. We offer state of the art diagnosing, repair, and old fashion service our customers have come to expect. Our services will meet or exceed manufacturer warranty. We work on all makes and models of cars and trucks. Both gas and diesel and can also customize our service to meet your vehicle. Make an appointment online today. Scroll the list below for a complete description of our featured maintenance services.

Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning is the only way to correctly tune a car for Performance. Regular Tune ups are good, But since every car is different, and every car has different mods a dyno tune is needed. dyno tune's allow the tuner to see what the car is doing from the start, and he can adjust the ECM for a peak HP output. Based on what that one car is doing. Normal tunes can only guess how you car is running based on the test model they had when they wrote the program.
You car will be put on a dyno, and hooked to a laptop via the ODB port under the steering wheel. They will make a few passes with the stock car to get a base line reading. from there, the tuner can adjust the air/fuel ratio, advance the timing, remove rev limiters etc. They will adjust many things while making dyno runs in between changes to find the very best combo for your motor.

Custom Cars

Award Winning Classic car repair, and customizing. Dont trust your baby with just any one! We have been restoring, and customizing classic cars since we started this shop. Now we have an entire new building for just this purpose. We offer all levels of repair. As well as, adding performance upgrades, or custom exhaust. We also do custom motor work, transmissions, suspension, steering, and wiring.We also offer, custom metal fabrication, whether it be for a hotrod, work truck or 4x4. As well as Dyno Tuning.


We offer state of the art diagnostics. Service Pro is equiped to diagnose all cars, and trucks, Both Gas, and diesel. We have the latest diagnostic equipment, and the training to perform a complete repair.

Our Diagnostics guys Specialize in:

  • Reflashing computers with the latest updates from the factory
  • Check engine light, and Drivablity problem solving
  • Any electrical system tested, and repair
  • ABS light system testing, and repair
  • Traction control system testing, and repair
  • Electronic transmission control testing, and repair
  • Automatic climate control testing, and repair
  • High performance testing, and upgrades
  • Dyno Tuning