Dyno Tuning


Dyno tuning is the only way to correctly tune a car for Performance. Regular Tune ups are good, But since every car is different, and every car has different mods a dyno tune is needed. dyno tune's allow the tuner to see what the car is doing from the start, and he can adjust the ECM for a peak HP output. Based on what that one car is doing. Normal tunes can only guess how you car is running based on the test model they had when they wrote the program.
You car will be put on a dyno, and hooked to a laptop via the ODB port under the steering wheel. They will make a few passes with the stock car to get a base line reading. from there, the tuner can adjust the air/fuel ratio, advance the timing, remove rev limiters etc. They will adjust many things while making dyno runs in between changes to find the very best combo for your moto