Proper maintenance is essential in keeping your vehicle on the road. We offer state of the art diagnosing, repair, and old fashion service our customers have come to expect. Our services will meet or exceed manufacturer warranty. We work on all makes and models of cars and trucks. Both gas and diesel and can also customize our service to meet your vehicle. Make an appointment online today. Scroll the list below for a complete description of our featured maintenance services.

Services Include:

Induction System Cleaning - Recommended every 30,000 miles This service helps reduce emission plus improve driveability and fuel mileage.We Clean the throttle body area and use induction system cleaner to clean the intake manifold area and the intake valves. We then install fuel additive in the fuel tank to clean the injection system and remove carbon.

Complete Cooling System Service - Recommended every two years or every 30,000 miles. We Check all hoses and belts, pressure test system, check heater, defroster and cooling fan operation. We then flush and recycle anti-freeze, correct the coolant mixture to a 50/50 mixture and insure proper pH balance. We check for leaks and road test your vehicle.

Air Conditioner Service - Recommended yearly, an A/C performance test. We check system pressures, check the condensor and the radiator cooling fan operation. We inspect all A/C components for wear, leaks and proper operation. We can replace Freon, or additional A/C oil for an extra charge.

Brake Service (front or rear)- We Remove and replace brake pads or shoes, then clean & lubricate calipers, and backing plates. We measure rotors or drums, inspect brake lines and components and test the parking brake. We then Replace Brake Shoes, Flush brake fluid from entire system and do a Complete road test.

Road Test -We Remove wheels and drums, check brake shoe wear, check hold down springs and brake hardware, check shoe backing plate movement, check wheel cylinder for leakage and free movement. We also Check emergency brake operation, and check drum measurements for specifications, Remove old shoes, check backing plates for an even shoe seat. We then Clean backing plates and hardware. As well as, Lubricate backing plate, Install new shoes and hardware, Install drums/rotors, Install wheel, and torque to specifications. Then we Check emergency brake for proper adjustments, and road test for proper operation.

Complete Automatic Transmission Service with filter - Recommended every 30,000 miles, We Add flushing cleaner to transmission and hook-up flush machine. We then completely flush all transmission components, replace all transmission fluid and add transmission conditioner. We also, check for leaks, and inspect detent cable and all linkages (we adjust as necessary) and then road test your vehicle.

Check Brakes, Clean and Adjust - Recommended yearly or 15,000 miles We Road test, note pedal height, feel, before and after. Remove all wheels and drums. Inspect shoes and pads for wear. Check rotors and drums for excessive heat, check rotor and drum run out. Check brake hardware for proper functioning. Check emergency brake operation. Check hydraulics, clean brake shoes and pads. Adjust shoes. Install and retorque wheels. Adjust tire pressure, check master cylinder operation & fluid levels. Road test, note brake life percentage on repair order., check fluid condition or contamination.

Brake Fluid Flush and Change - Recommended every 30,000 miles We Flush old fluid, and inspect the reservoir and cap. We also, inspect the lines and fittings,and install new fluid. NOTE: This service is included with any 4 wheel brake job.

Power Steering Fluid Service - Recommended every two years or 30,000 miles, a Complete power steering fluid flush. We Inspect all components for wear, leaks and proper operation.

Maintenance, Replace Spark Plugs - Recommended as required by manufacturer specifications, we Replace spark plugs, 4-cylinder vehicle. Check for engine fault codes and check idle and timing specifications.

Motorvac Service - Recommended every two years or 30,000 miles, this Helps reduce emissions and improve driveability and fuel mileage. We Clean throttle body area and use induction system cleaner to clean the intake manifold area and intake valves. We clean the fuel injectors and install fuel additive to clean entire fuel system,and remove carbon.

3,000 Mi. Quick Lube - We Check all lights, windshield wipers and washers, check all underhood fluid levels and top them off, check belts, coolant hoses,and air cleaner. Also, Replace the oil filter, drain oil, check oil drain gasket, adjust tire air and pressure of tires.